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Victoria graduated in 2011 from Elite Academy school of cosmetology in Yakima, WA. The following spring she went back to complete the master esthetics course. In 2016, she pursued a bachelor's degree in Business management to help her better grow her business. Victoria loves knowledge and strives to seek out opportunities to grow.


Shortly after graduating esthetics school, Victoria set out to build a place where people's concerns were not only heard but a resolution was implemented. Victoria found that simple services that provided a form of pampering such as eyelash extensions, hair removal, relaxing facials or a quick tint of the eyebrows brought so much confidence and joy to others. It's through these services that Victoria is able to give back to her community. 


Victoria closed up shop and moved to the Portland area in 2019, after her husband was offered a leadership opportunity. She has since found a home at Spoiled Salon and cannot wait to start her new journey. 


When not at work Victoria loves to learn about homeopathy, aromatherapy, and self improvement techniques that she can share with others. She enjoys making soaps and scrubs. Or seeking out nature in the form of hikes or fishing with her husband. 


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