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Our Policies

Ensuring the Best Experience

 The Littles

We love the babies.  We love them when they are fat and juicy and we love them when they toddle.  We especially love them when they grow up because they are going to go to prom, get married and be future clients along the way (we have a lot of those!).  But here’s the deal. Spoiled Spa and Salon is a smaller spa and salon with limited space and seating that doesn’t serve strollers, car seats, or kiddos on their iPads in the waiting area very well.  And when they toddle, we worry. There are chemicals and hot instruments and traffic throughout the space (have you seen our team hustle?).  Not to mention, for many of our clients this is the only pampering time they have with out kids all month.  So if it is ok with you, even if you have the best behaved kids, who can entertain themselves by the hour on an iPad, or who sleep soundly in their stroller or car seat, it might (we don’t want to say it) be better to leave the wee ones at home.  Or with Grandma.  Or with your best friend who wants to do tradesies with you so she can get her hair did. Spoiled Spa and Salon is not a kid-friendly environment unless, of course, they are in the chair getting their hair done (sometimes they are our most entertaining clients of the day).

But let us say it again so we don’t get in trouble from our moms, we love the babies.

Middle schoolers and older are ok! So we ask anyone 11 years or younger must have an adult 18 years old or over to supervise at all times; who is not preoccupied in services.

Cancellations, No Shows, and Tardy

Listen folks, it takes a lot of income to keep this team of people looking as good as we do. We work hard to make sure we maximize all of our appointments each day and make an income to support us…and our people (they come in the two-legged and four-legged variety). So when you cancel without us being able to fill your spot (less than 24 hours notice) we’re in a jam. The kind of jam that looks like this: we sit around, and can’t earn money. And as ambitious, hardworking people trying to make the world a prettier place, that drives us nutty… and that’s not good for anyone.

So if you have to cancel, no problem. Life happens, we know. But we’re showing up ready to make the magic happen. So please give us the courtesy of 24 hours notice, and we’ll be happy to see you at your next appointment. Less than 24 hours notice, we’ll still be happy to see you at your next appointment, but we’re going to charge you anyway in accordance with our policy. To read more about the official cancellation, no show or late for appointment policy (see below). P.S. Please don’t hate us because we have policies)

Cancellation Policy

Your appointments are very important to us. They are reserved just for you with the expectation that if you book time with us, you will honor your appointment. But, we know life happens, and sometimes schedule changes are needed. We require 24 hours advance notice to cancel appointments with no charge.

Confirmations and Reminders

We offer you convenient confirmations and reminders via email and text about your upcoming appointment.

Because we know life is hectic, appointments are systematically confirmed via email or text 48 – 72 hours in advance to help you avoid the dreaded No Show or Cancellation fees described here.

Even with all of these reminders, we suggest that because of the financial penalties you are responsible for, here are some things that can help:

Cross-check your appointment confirmation and reminder emails with your phone calendar app to determine any discrepancies.

Make sure that you mark our confirmation emails as “safe” so they are not filtered to your junk or spam folders.

Cancelling With Less Than 24 Hours Notice

Cost impact to you: 50% charge for reserved service amount.

How to: Our online scheduling will not allow you to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, so cancelling online is not an option. Instead, call the salon at (360) 448-7439. We will do our best to find a waitlisted client to take your place. If these attempts are successful, you will not be charged the cancellation fee.

Failure To Show or Less Than 1 Hour Notice

Failure to show for your appointment means we cannot offer your appointment time to a waitlisted client, and means your appointment has gone unfilled.

Cost impact to you: 100% charge for reserved service amount.

If you arrive for your appointment more than 15 minutes late, we will not have time to accommodate you due to our scheduling structure.

Cost impact to you: “No Show” fee equivalent to a 100% charge for reserved service amount. We most likely can still do a partial service just not the full time.


Redo's and Adjustments

We take pride in really understanding our clients goals, setting realistic expectations that put hair integrity first and communicating the plans for the day and future appointments. If we failed to meet days goal that we agreed upon in our consultation , we are happy to make any adjustments. Our salon team must be notified within 7 days of any appointment for a complimentary redo. If the request is outside the 7 day window or the request falls outside the agreement outlined in the consultation we will be unable to offer a complimentary adjustment.

Returns and Exchanges

Gift Certificates are non refundable. You can redeem them for any services or retail sold at Spoiled Spa and Salon or Spoiled Salon.

Retail returns or exchanges. Products must be returned in new condition. Spoiled monitors return activity for abuse and reserves the right to limit returns or exchanges with or without a receipt.

All sales are final unless damaged during shipping process.  If damage has occurred you may be asked to ship the product back or provide photos of damage. All requests must be made with in 14 days of purchase.  You may call or email us. 

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