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If you have not seen us for 6 months or more, please click over to the "New Clients" page as we will need to reconnect and do an extended consultation to revaluate your hair goals and ensure we have ample time to revamp your look!


Prices vary per practitioner. Please click on the individual practitioner to view their prices. Prices are factored by multiple markers: Demand on their books, certifications and on going education. As stylists grow in their professional career they earn price increases to reflect those achievements. All prices are starting prices of our entry level or building practitioners.

Black Hair and Bangs
Marble Surface
Flowers in Hair

Haircuts & Style

Barber | Kids Cut                        35+

Pixie                                                 40+

Cropped Cut                                45+

Long | Thick Cut                         55+


Save $20 when booking a color

Shampoo Blowout                   30+

Extensions Blowout                40+

Dry Style Iron Work                  20+

Formal Style                                55+

Fashion Model


Bleach Touch Up                     120+

(Includes Toner/ Olaplex)

Global Bleach                            150+

(Includes Toner/ Olaplex)

Partial Balayage Bundle       130+

(Includes Toner/ Olaplex)

Full Balayage Bundle             155+

(Includes Toner/ Olaplex)

Face frame Foil                          50+

Partial Foil                                    80+

Full Foil                                        100+


Root Retouch                            65+

Full Color                                     75+


Gloss                                              25+

(add on)   

Shadow Root/Smudge          25+

(add On)

Color Correction               Consult

Woman at the Beach


Tape Lengthening            Consult

Tape Bulking                  Consult

Tape Color Pops                $10+

Tape Move Up Length       $250

Tape Move Up Bulk          $150

Hand- Tied Lengthening    Consult

Hand-Tied Bulk                Consult

1 Row Move up              $200+

2 Row Move up              $300+

3 Row Move up              $400+

Mini Row                        $100

Quick Move up                  $65
(4 weeks or less)

Modern Young Girl
Hair Salon


Conditioning                                     15

Olaplex Rebonding                       25

Gold Treatment   (dual)                35


Brazilian Blow Out                     250

Brazilian Long/Thick             300+

Brazilian BO Express               150+

Natural Beauty

Lashes & Brows

Classic Lash Set               160

Hybrid Lash Set                185

Volume Lash Set                195

Classic Fill                         65

Hybrid Fill                          75

Volume Fill                         85

Lash Lift                             75

Lash Tint                            35

Brow Tint                           20

Brow Wax                         16

Brow Full Shaping               20

Lip Wax                            12

Body Waxing               Request