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I’ve been in the industry since 2018 and i love my job because i get to make people feel good about themselves, and i get to create art using hair as my canvas. I love that my job allows me to feel fulfilled at the end of each day. I believe that when you love your hair, you feel more confident about yourself. Confidence is a very empowering feeling and i love being able to help instill that for people. Outside of my job i am currently expanding my family. My first is due Nov. of 2021! I also am an outdoor enthusiast. Barbecues, Disc golf, and beach days are just a few of the things i love. During a service with me it’s my goal to make you feel understood and listened to so we can reach your hair goals together. I encourage you to check out my online portfolio via Instagram @platinumprincesss or feel free to book an appointment with me!

Hair Stylist

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