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I’m a local Washingtonian, who’s been educated and in the industry since 2019, as an AVEDA Alumni! 


I’m fascinated with how my work can completely change not only how a person looks but also feels about themselves after their pampered day! 

Therefore, I am constantly working on improving my skills, with learning new techniques, experimenting with an open mind, and keeping up with the latest new trends that are to come with the New Years! 

I’ve always admired working with hair and I’m glad that my dream became a passion while making a living! 

My driven goal as a stylist is to be communicable with my current and new clientele that will come with an amazing salon atmosphere, being able to pin point on any of my clients needs, and meet their expectations and bringing light to their day! 

I love to create any lived in colors and all forms of hair sculpting, perms and more! 


Before considering hair design as my career path I went to culinary school, which led me to getting my ACF certificate in commercial baking, so not only do I use hair as a form for my artistic ability I also like to bake pasties and cakes on my free time! 

Hair Stylist 

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