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If you’re looking for an experienced and well rounded nail technician look no further! I’m a 9+ year industry professional who specializes in gelX nails and nail art. I also offer gel manicures, sculptured acrylic nails, pedicures, and tooth gems. My favorite part of doing a set of nails is actually shaping. You would be surprised how much the shape of your nails affects the way your hands look. 


What are my favorite things to work on? GelX Nails. Long nails are my jam. In terms of art i love doing abstract designs such as color marbling, foiling, and line work. I also love doing animal prints, tribal-esque designs, geometric line work, and all things celestial. My favorite products to work with are transfer foils, blooming gel, chrome powders, and nail piercings.


What do my guests praise me for? The longevity and visual consistency of my work, having a gentle touch, attention to detail, and my ability to evaluate their needs, make solid recommendations, and give realistic expectations.


As a person my major interests are music, nature, psychology, and the human experience. On a day off I’m obsessively caring for my plants, working out, playing pool, or rewatching the X Files for the 100th time (especially this). 

Nail Artist

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