Hey there! My name is Taylor Moncrief, and I am the Lash Artist here at Spoiled Salon. I have my license in cosmetology however I have leaned more towards the esthetics side and made lashes my priority. When I decided to become a lash artist to me it was an easy decision.  My job is basically to help make people feel more beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, along with helping their morning routine be a little quicker. Who wouldn't kill for that sort of job?  Not only that but there is flexibility in my schedule, which I am a total fan of and I love the instant gratification of lashing. When you finish a beautiful set and reveal it to your client, seeing them beam at themselves in the mirror, that's the real reward in my job. Becoming a lash artist was an easy decision for me, however becoming skilled at the art of lashing was not. I have consistently kept up with videos and tried any "new techniques" that come out to be able to stay on top of the lash game.  I take a lot of pride in my work, I am always trying to make every set their own unique finished look. I not only listen to what the client wants, but also I ask questions that will help me in deciding how to tailor the lash set to match the person's lifestyle. While you're on my lash bed or in the salon you might catch me chatting about my furbabies, yes plural. I have a small dog and two kittens and they are my world. However, when I am not gushing about my pets I am usually chatting about the latest horror movie I've watched or the most recent drama on some trash reality show I'm, guiltily, addicted too. 

I would love to see all your beautiful faces on my Instagram, feel free to give me a follow and I'll follow back. Once you see the beautiful customized lash work I put out you won't be able to resist coming in for your own dream set. So don't forget to mark your calendars and book your lash set with me! 

Lash Artist & Skin Care