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Rene is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience with a passion for Health and Wellness. She opened Drip N Glow Wellness & Beauty "powered by Hydreight" with her son Ricky (who is also a nurse, and one of Rene's five sons), to help others gain optimal health, with our top notch supportive care. 

Drip N Glow's menu includes: IV Vitamin infusions & Injections, and will soon be able to provide care in clients home/office as they go mobile. 

"Our goal is to assist you with nourishing and replenishing your body, while helping you feel the power of natural wellness as we support you with a variety of Vitamin/Mineral & Antioxidant therapies"

Not sure what to book? You can schedule a consultation with her by clicking the booking link!

Registered Nurse

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