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Hey friends, I’m Michelle Aka Mimi. I was born and raised on the island of Oahu and I just moved Vancouver, WA. I’ve been a Cosmetologist for 3 years but I started playing with hair at a young age thanks to my aunt who was a hairstylist. I eventually started going to punk shows and became immersed in a sea of colorful hair and questionable haircuts. Lol But that’s what sparked my love for the hair industry.
Vivid color is one of the services I enjoy providing. It’s always had a place in my heart to help people have freedom of expression with their hair. I’ve recently fell in love with Balayage a lightning technique that consists of hand painting the hair to mimic the sun. I’ve always been a creative person so this immediately caught my attention. I’m interested in updos and love molding and pinning the hair intricately to create a sculpture. I’m constantly seeking out more up to date techniques and education to share with my guests.
I invite you to join me in the salon for an experience and the latest education and of course tips and tricks to up keep the look. When I’m not in the salon, I’m usually painting or starting another craft project. On my days off I like to spend time with my pup and two rats. Do you have any fur babies? I’d love hear about them! Little known fact I was a vet technician for 5 years, so I love animals! I’d like to get into
hiking and foraging if you know of any good spots let me know. I’ll share some of my favorites.

Hair Stylist

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